Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Closer To RAM (Random Access Memory)


rudypratama.com - Create some lay people when buying computers, laptops and smartphones sophisticated today, certainly the most important priority they ask is how much RAM memory capacity is? a lot of people now when mentioning RAM but some of them do not know much about this data processing medium. In my article writing on this occasion, I will discuss about RAM (Random Acccess Memory).

RAM is the name of one type of component that is embedded in computers, laptops, and advanced smartphones today that have an important function in order to operate properly. When viewed from the understanding, RAM is a kind of memory to store data and program instructions temporarily.

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. In principle, the definition of RAM can be viewed from several aspects, namely, facet input area, program area, working area, and output area. When viewed in terms of input area, RAM can be interpreted as a medium to store input data to be processed. Then, when viewed in terms of area programs, RAM can be defined as a medium for storing programs that will be used to process data.

In terms of working area, RAM can mean as a medium for storing the data processing that will be done. And, if viewed from the aspect of the output area, RAM is the media to store all the results of data processing. So, it can be concluded that understanding RAM is a medium for storing data and instructions from a program.

After we have long discussed the notion of a RAM, now I want to invite readers to know as well and recognize the function of RAM (Random Acccess Memory) which has been quoted and summarized from various reliable sources.

RAM function

RAM function can be illustrated from the above understanding. RAM serves as a temporary component in storing programs or data accessed when the media is active or operating. As it is known that the processor actually has a limited (small) capacity in storing data and instructions contained in the register, so it can not store all the information needed to run the program process, especially when the size is large. For that, the process must be accompanied by large capacity components, which can store data and instructions are also large. Well, that's why RAM is present as an important component in computers, laptops and smartphones today. (Tuesday, 19/09/2017)