Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Introduction About JavaScript

rudypratama.com - javascript is a programming language that is often used web programmers to design a website website becomes more interactive and dynamic. Javascript is a type of client side programming language. The use of javascript code on a website is optional, meaning it should not always exist. However, modern websites and blogs today almost all use javascript code even a little. This is because without javascript, a website is like a vegetable without salt and sugar. Wkwkland

The use of javascript code is required for websites that are oriented to user-experience. However, the use of this javascript code will not be maximized if it is not accompanied by its CSS collaboration friends. because javascript also will not escape from HTML as the foundation of the mover. The three programming languages ​​are very closely related. If a website is a home, then the HTML code is all that builds and is there (walls, pillars, roofs, foundations, household appliances, etc.). Then, the CSS code is the organizer and decorator of the house (layout, color and so on). while the role of JavaScript can be spelled as 'helper' CSS code for better settings and decoration with the addition of more elegant and dynamic trinkets.
(Tuesday, 19/09/2017)